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Hasibe Lesmann (b.1988, DE) is a photographer and artist living in Hamburg, Germany, currently studying her Master of Arts and working for Tagesspiegel Berlin as a picture editor.

Hasibe's work explores photography as an intuitive tool to understand human nature. She tends to find topics woven in everyday life that have political and social impacts on individuals, and uses metaphorical elements to build narratives through the editing process. Her subtle creations are thought-provoking expressions. For her bachelor's work ‘Aura‘ from 2019 she traveled four different eastern and western cities in Europe, considered melting pots, to portray diverse young women* from Istanbul, Budapest, Berlin, and Hamburg. The work displays the self-will of every one of them, and how they manifest as symbolic figures in the streets and landscapes. ‘At the water‘ was shown at Phototriennale Hamburg in 2018 and addresses living conditions of homeless Romani migrants from the EU, constantly stumbling between the fear of eviction from their safe places and the fear of losing their family. 

Currently she is working on her long term project which examines constructs and struggles in society and relationships.

© Timo Knorr


New work 'and the earth still carries on' coming soon



My portrait work was seen on Times Square NY for Spotify Equal Playlist during November '21

the earth still carries on_Hasibe Lesmann-8.jpg
KUOKO Spotify EQUAL _Times Square_2.jpg


2019  University of Applied Sciences / HAW, MFA in Visual Communication, Hamburg, Germany

          focusing on photography, theorie and ethnographic practices.

2015-19  University of Applied Sciences / HAW BA in Visual Communication, Hamburg, Germany

20012-15 working full time as Medical Lab Analyst in Immunology 

2009-12 Medical Lab Analyst Education St.Georg Hamburg after A-Levels in Art, History, English Literature and Biology


Tagesspiegel Berlin: Freelance Photoeditor and Photographer

Kuoko Album Cover Photo / Kuoko Press Photo /  

Elkline product video Raincoats: Directress, Studio + Lights, Production Manager and Storyboard with Luisa Kiendl: Camera and Editor , DoP /

Elkline product video Apres Ski: Directress and Production Manager, Studio with Luisa Kiendl: Camera, DoP, Lighting, Editor and Storyboard /  

aplus-show 11 / Fluctoplasma,Interdisziplinäres Kunst- und Kulturfestival / Studio Marshmallow / Impetus Magazin HAW / Van der Steen People / Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt  / Centerline Design / Müllprojekt Hamburg /  HAW Erasmus Events / Artist Alyssa Warncke / Fashion Designers Charlotte Strindberg, Sina Marinkovic, Nina Bach, Sebastian Lessmann, Jette Dreiling, Anna Gargano


Impetus Magazin HAW / 'who is who' / 2019 / portraiture

Impetus Magazin HAW / 'Studium mit Hindernissen' / april 2019 / documentary
Triennial of Photography – 
Hamburg Breaking Point / 2018 / 'am Wasser'/ exhibition

Nicht Jetzt Magazin #7 / 2018 / photo editor position and photographer


05/2020 Call me #5 / graduationshow / 'Aura'

07/2019 Rundgang Finkenau HAW / 'Aura'/ bachelors exhibition

07/2018 Rundgang Finkenau HAW / 'Wilhelmsburg'/ 'untitled'

08/2018 Phototriennale Hamburg [HOME], breaking point / 'at the water'/ curated by Stefan Rahner & Nico Baumgarten

05/2018 small space gallery  / 'a sense of beauty'/ fashion Sina Marinkovic, photo Hasibe Lesmann

07/2017 Rundgang Finkenau HAW / 'at the water' / 'Orb'

03/2017 'Orb' / Café Limu, Hamburg, Germany


2019 ADC Award Silver Nail for group project and self published magazine Nicht Jetzt 7

2019 Karl Ditze Preis / magazine Nicht Jetzt 7


Timo Knorr
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